slubs in the city

Slub (adj): Maverick; unorthodox; independent in behavior or thought.

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To all who stumble upon this blog:

One day, while describing what I was wearing when I was asked to my senior prom, I created a word.

Slub: A person who wears casual, pajama-like clothing.

(Slubby: the adjective used to describe a casual outfit. For example: “I was wearing a tshirt and sweatpants…I just looked really slubby.”)

Everyone thought the word was ridiculous and embarrassing, until we realized that my made-up vocabulary was actually in the dictionary —

Slub: a lump in yarn or fabric, often made intentionally to give a knobbly effect.

After that, we saw slub everywhere. Pottery Barn has Fabric by the Yard in Slubby Canvas and Slubby Basketweave. Banana Republic has the Cotton Slub Cardigan. Anthropologie has the Slubby Tulip Dress. Given it’s popularity, slub became a part of our St. Olaf senior year vernacular. We used it whenever the mood hit us. We were slubs, slubbin, and slubby. We slubbed.

After Anna, Kat, Laura, Nora and I had decided to create a blog that would document our lives from graduation up until one year after college (and perhaps beyond), we unanimously and almost instantaneously agreed on a title for that blog.

So welcome to slubs in the city.

I did some internet research on the word “slub”, and found a website called Slub Design. The creators of that website had listed one final definition for our favorite word:

Slub (adj): Maverick; unorthodox; independent in behavior or thought.

I think that definition suits the five of us slubs perfectly.

I’m so glad that you’re here. Check this blog often. I promise we won’t disappoint.

con amor,


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