slubs in the city

Slub (adj): Maverick; unorthodox; independent in behavior or thought.

Slub of the week: Miniature Pig


Straight Slubbin’ (Shannon and I got to pet a baby piglet, who was less than a day old, at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. It was possibly the most adorable creature I had ever seen. So small, so pink, so fuzzy!)

A never-ending conversation in our house is about what kind of pet we should/could buy (although in reality, we really shouldn’t get a pet). The options have varied from wiener dogs to ducks to chickens to goats. After our fair excursion, we decided a pig, most likely miniature to better suit our apartment, would be an excellent option. And what slubby creatures pigs are.

Great Slubby Pig Facts (thanks to our friends at wikipedia)

1. Pigs use their snouts to forage for food in the ground. All slubs know how to obtain food quickly and efficiently, and are not ashamed to use any means to do so.

2. Pigs are extremely intelligent. So are slubs.

3. Pigs can be trained to perform tricks. Slubs have been known to perform such illusions as making entire cakes disappear.

4. (We choose to ignore the fact that pigs have been used to keep restrooms clean by, well, you know…)

5. Pigs can graze at pasture, like sheep or cattle, which reduces their environmental impact by decreasing grain inputs. Slubs love the environment.

6. Pigs are very social animals, often snuggling with their other pig friends while resting. Slubs cuddle. In their stretchy pants.

7. Apparently pigs sleep all the time. Sometimes they forage for food. Slubs want.

So here’s to you, miniature pig, for being cute, for sleeping and eating all you want, for being intelligent, for rocking the curly tails, and for being the slubbiest creature this week!



2 thoughts on “Slub of the week: Miniature Pig

  1. Since I DID grow up on a hog farm in Kansas, I totally appreciate your choice of pet but do NOT concur with it. Too many bad memories of the cute little creatures growing up to be mean old sows!

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