slubs in the city

Slub (adj): Maverick; unorthodox; independent in behavior or thought.

deck the halls


Dearest family and friends,

It’s Friday afternoon in the slub house, and everything is quiet. Nora has gone home to Iowa. Laura is snoozing away in her bed. Kat is heading down to her grandparent’s farm for a family holiday. And Anna is spending the season with loved ones in Palestine.

Christmas is right around the corner, and as this holiday time builds in a much-anticipated crescendo, I’m thankful for the quiet. There are so many words spoken during the holidays: words of blessing, joy and remembrance; words of consumerism and targeted advertising; words projected from the pulpit, through the telephone, by the radio. We read cards aloud. We laugh and relax with coworkers at office parties. We gather family together in noisy conversation. We sing much-loved hymns and carols and we smile.

There are no words left I could say to you that you haven’t already heard this December. Anna, Kat, Laura, Nora and I wish simply to convey to you our love, blessings and happiness during this time. We’ve decorated our house to reflect our enjoyment of Christmas, and in an effort to minimize the amount of words floating around this holiday, we’d like to share a few pictures with you (especially because some of our readers have never seen the inside of our home before!):

we don’t have a real tree, but our house still smells like one…

the stockings above the fireplace. plus a santa hat, because we only had four stockings.

isn’t this reindeer AWESOME?! kat hates it. if you like the reindeer, please leave your support in our comments to prove kat wrong.

kat’s childhood decorations on the fireplace mantel

looking from our dining room into the living room — the walls were bright red when we moved in. how festive!

slubbiest christmas tree

this snowman lights up in different colors. epic.

wreath over the kitchen

mini tree in the sun room

window clings on the hutch

laura’s artwork to the slubs

santa, you crazy

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

With blessings,

The slubs


2 thoughts on “deck the halls

  1. Your house is so cute!

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