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Slub (adj): Maverick; unorthodox; independent in behavior or thought.

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ode to snow patrol

Dear Snow Patrol,

I’d like to offer you a deeply personal truth:

You are my favorite band.

This isn’t an easy statement for me to make. I may not be directly involved with the musical world at the moment, but I’ve always had a deep-seated admiration for music. Actually, I don’t think that’s an entirely accurate description – I don’t just have an admiration for it, I need music in my life. Listening to music helps me sort out my emotions in a way that very few other activities could. It moves me, like it moves billions of people in untold ways around the world.

So when I say that you, Snow Patrol, are my favorite band, please don’t take it lightly.

I first discovered you when I heard “Chocolate” on the radio. After letting that song sink in for a few days, I bought Final Straw and the rest is history.

Like a 6th sense, your music has the power to transport me into past memories.

(When I was 16 I worked at a bakery at Camp Snoopy in the Mall of America, and I listened to Final Straw every day during that summer. Whenever I hear a song from that album I think of lunches in the break room and the quiet enormity of the mall after closing, of my first paycheck and my first date.)

(Once upon a time there was a billboard advertising the imminent release of Eyes Open in London, and listening to “Open Your Eyes” helps me remember the feel of the city I so deeply desire to see again.)

(Sophomore year of college I listened to A Hundred Million Suns like it was my lifeline. I was also taking Astronomy at the time, one of the best college courses I had the pleasure of experiencing, and it was so beautifully fitting that a cosmological theme wove itself through nearly every part of the album.)

(I bought songs from Up to Now sitting in a classroom in Egypt, and I remember how intensely homesick I was during those few weeks when I hear the acoustic melodies.)

More so than almost any other band – including my perennial lyrical favorites Angles & Airwaves and Tegan and Sara – I have an intense connection with the lyrics of nearly every song you have performed. As much as I appreciate the melodic composition of a song, let it be known that I’m an advocate of compelling and relevant lyrics. “You say you love me like the silence of the turning earth,” states Gary Lightbody in “Engines”. That image alone captures the power of your music — it conveys a metaphor which is beatifully simplistic in essence yet staggeringly immense in scope.

Your work has defined and given harmony to an entire chapter of my life. Snow Patrol: you are a true, deserving and genuine talent.

— A devoted fan

p.s. In case you’re wondering, my top five favorite Snow Patrol songs (in random order because I can’t distinguish them that much) are:

  1. Tiny Little Fractures(Final Straw)
  2. It’s Beginning To Get To Me(Eyes Open)
  3. Open Your Eyes(Eyes Open)
  4. Engines(A Hundred Million Suns)
  5.  “You Are My Joy” (Up to Now. Okay, this was actually done by The Reindeer Section, but there are three members of Snow Patrol who contribute to that band and Gary Lightbody definitely sings this song)

HONORARY MENTION: Snow Patrol’s cover of Bright Eyes’ “You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will.”