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Slub (adj): Maverick; unorthodox; independent in behavior or thought.

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slub of the week: Ahmad Bradshaw

You may be shocked to hear this, but the slubs watched the Super Bowl yesterday . And not just the commercials or the halftime show. We watched the game as well. And gave up watching Downton Abbey to do so.

It was quite the event. Here are the delicious foods that were served: oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies, s’mores cupcakes, lemon teacakes, potstickers, hummus, baked brie, and queso. Possibly not  your typical Super Bowl fare, but it was a delicious, slubby feast.

Now, while some of us are football fans, none of us were really invested in the game. Nonetheless, we chose sides. Obviously. Shannon, claiming that she was supporting America, rooted for the Patriots, along with Anna and our friend Maddie. Nora and I, in our infinite wisdom, chose the winning team, the Giants.

We cheered loudly and often for our respective teams. There was even some smack talk going down. I mean really. Supporting the Patriots? Come. on. Nora and I were called anti-American. Vicious. But there was one thing we all agreed on: Ahmad Bradshaw’s winning touchdown was nothing short of EPIC.

Now, after listening to commentary after the game, Bradshaw had not meant to score on this play. Instead his intent was to run the clock down so that the Patriot’s offense would have as little time with the ball as possible. On the otherhand, according the Huffington Post, the Patriots wanted to “concede a score” so that they would have as much time with the ball as possible. He accidentally scores when the Patriots do nothing to stop him.

But for the untrained eyes of the slubs and friends, it went down like this:

Bradshaw has the ball. He runs. He makes a split second decision to make the slubbiest touchdown of all time. Bradshaw scores the winning touchdown by sitting into the endzone.

I mean, why exert the energy, Bradshaw? You are on the goal line. The Patriots seem completely unconcerned about you scoring. Let your momentum carry you gracefully into a seated position in the endzone. Standing: not Superbowl champion. Seated: Superbowl champion. WIN.

So, to the Superbowl Champions, Ahmad Bradshaw and Giants, congratulations. Congrats for winning a sporting event by acting like a slub. Pretend like you meant to do it. It was truly epic.

slub love, Kat


twofer…kind of like bogo

[Oh man, are you in for a treat: this is a double post! Yeeeees. For more slubby goodness, read the entry after this one as well!]

Dear readers,

First, let us apologize for dropping the update ball. At times, we slubs find that it’s most rejuvenating to be as slubby as possible, which was why this past week was filled with stretchy pants, ice cream and episodes of The Office and Parks and Recreation. No harm in that.

However, those of you who know Anna, Kat, Laura, Nora and me personally can attest to the wild and crazy nature of our weekends. In Uptown, we slubs do it right. So here’s the rundown before we get to the real good stuff:

  • Kathryn flew to Colorado on Thursday to visit her boyfriend. I have received one text from her since then – “There is an Amish woman in security. Is that allowed??”, implying that she was unaware persons of Amish background could avail themselves of that level of machinery – and then, silence. I can only assume that she’s had the time of her slubby life and was too busy experiencing the delights of Fort Collins to text. The slubs heartily wished no less for her.
  • Shannon enjoyed an eventful weekend as well, making her first appearance at an Uptown bar for late night drinks. The Cafeteria is a wonderful place with a vintage feel, and there are cafeteria trays lining the wall. Classy. I wonder how that would look in our dining room? She also freaked out like a true history nerd at Fort Snelling, and dreamt the next night that she was a pioneer woman. Additionally, she went to Moose Mountain at the Mall of America and failed spectacularly at mini golf, so to make up for it she went to the Frozen Yogurt shop next door and bought over $7 worth of cold deliciousness. The slubs are proud.
  • Like Kat, Anna enjoyed a weekend with loved ones, spending time with her parents and with some wonderful friends from Olaf. She also cut her hair into the cutest damn bob the slubs have ever seen. Short hair is becoming a trend in the slub house, and Anna’s hair cut looks FIERCE. If you know this slub well, please – ask to see her in person for the full effect, and then tell her how amazing she looks.

It’s pretty clear that 3 of 5 slubs had a great weekend. But the last two slubs were gifted to have enjoyed the best event any of us girls could possibly ask for: Nora and Laura got to go to a wedding.

WARNING: the following post will be dedicated to vaguely coherent ranting about our slub love for The Big Day. If weddings aren’t your thing: thank you for sticking with our blog, and come back soon for other entertaining musings on more thrilling topics (also, check out the sweet locations linked throughout this post). For those of you who are as obsessed as we are: OMG WEDDINGS.